Brandon has performed for several of my customers and they always enjoyed it. Personally, I have seen Brandon perform countless magic tricks and I have no idea how he does some of them. Brandon is not just a good magician but he is also a good entertainer and you can tell that he loves what he does. If you have an event coming up, I highly recommend that you contact Brandon to perform for you as you will not be disappointed!!! Mike Holland, President, English Teachers in Okinawa -- Mike Holland
偶然居酒屋で見ました! 生でプロのマジックが見れて最高でした! 特にコイン一番すごいとおもいます(ガチ) ブランドンさん楽しい時間ありがとうございます りょう -- マジすごかった
I have seen Brandon perform on numerous occasions and each time he has blown me away with his performances. It is not only the 'magic' aspect that is INTRIGUING, but it's also his personality, character, and gestures that are captivating and bring you into his show. Brandon has shocked and amazed me with some acts and has left me speechless with others. Either way, I know that when Brandon is performing, something totally cool and mysterious will happen within his act. -- Vivian Levarek
Brandon stands out as a true professional in the magic community. As versatile as he is witty, Brandon is more than just an addition to an event. For a memorable evening, you are already on the right track with Brandon. -- Remy Connor
Brandon is well versed in his craft. He's professional, versatile, and very personable. He is an asset to our art. He has a quick wit, and the chops to back it up, a must have for any magical gathering............ -- Ty Lee
Seeing Brandon live is believing. His magic is a well thought out demonstration of pure magic and wonder. His range of expertise covers many fields of magic and is the perfect choice for children. You walk away not only amazed but desiring more. As a fellow magician and performer I would highly recommend Brandon Porterfield. -- Mike Anderson
Brandon is the real deal. It is hard pressed to find a Magician who can perform for all age groups and in international communities. He custom tailors events for you and your friends, family or co-workers. You cannot beat this kind of personal entertainment at any value. -- Dan K.
Brandon came and performed for my grandsons 7yr old magic themed birthday party. The boys loved his performance, and the fact that he could keep the attention of 6 hyper boys was amazing alone. He was fantastic. The boys went home and we were told they couldn't stop talking about the magician! -- Debbie Galvan
Brandon,- performed at my Daughters 10th Birthday- I wanted to thank you very much for your performance last night! AMAZING, My husband and i wanted to personally thank you for spending extra time afterwards, just showing the kids some cool tricks with the cell phone and balloon. "You did not have to do that but you did" :) so thank you... I would recommend you to anyone!! The card trick where you bit down on the card, and had the other child bite on it( some how you traded the signed cards..still blown away) Thank you so much job well done... p.s you have a few followers who want to be magicians now lol thank you God Bless `the Alfords -- Brandy Alford
Brandon did a 30-minute show for my Twin Girls 7th Birthday. He is really awesome and he even personalized his magic show with the princess theme for my girls and their friends to enjoy. Even the grown-ups had a blast! He is very professional with a pleasing personality which made the whole deal a wonderful experience. JOB WELL DONE BRANDON! Thank You so much for making my Twin Girls 7th Birthday very memorable! -- Joie Donato